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(A Blue Sapphire ring; image courtesy of Sotheby’s.)

The Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam is ruled by the planet Saturn which is the second -largest planet in our solar system. The gas giant is also one of the most beautiful planets owing to the many ringlets that are formed around it.

The blue sapphire is said to possess a mystical force that can be highly beneficial to the wearer in terms of material prosperity, personal health, and some of the resultant effects are satisfaction and joy which leads to a healthy mind-set. It is also said to return what the person has lost – material wealth. The downside to this gemstone is that it may respond to the wearer in a less than pleasing manner so it is highly recommended that the wearer give it a trial period before wearing it permanently.


(A Hessonite Garnet ring; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Hessonite also referred to as the cinnamon stone and comes most often from India and Sri Lanka. Its colour lies somewhere between red and yellow. It also goes by the name “Gomed”. It is associated with a rogue planet called Rahu in Vedic astrology and is quite often associated with its partner in crime Ketu. Rahu is the northern lunar node because astronomically it denotes a point of intersection where the celestial paths of the sun and moon cross.

Hessonite is said to deflect all sorts of malevolence, including petty minded ill-wishers, thus protecting the wearer. It is recommended for those individuals involved in the discipline of law and order and for those who are engaged in judicial crossfire; judges, lawyers, practitioners of justice in any shape or form.


(Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl and Diamond ring; image courtesy of Sotheby’s.)

Cat’s Eye is a gemstone that also goes by the name Lahasunya and it is associated with the celestial body called Ketu; the one paired with Rahu. Ketu is the south lunar node; the southern point of intersection on the celestial paths that the sun and moon cross.

The Cat’s Eye is also known to ward off evil and black magic or dark practice of occult of any kind. It is most suitable for those who are ambitious and aim to climb the social ladder in the field of politics particularly and positions of high authority. This gem can right the wrongs that are a result of contention born of envy; like the blots on a person’s reputation. This stone acts as a precautionary measure in cases that involve malice or spiteful acts.

It is important yet again to make mention of the fact that these gems must not be bought without a visit to a genuine Vedic astrologer; an expert in all matters concerning this age-old Indian tradition.