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(A yellow sapphire, diamond and ruby ring by Taffin; image courtesy of Christie’s.)

The Yellow Sapphire is known as a “fancy” sapphire, as are all sapphires in colours other than blue. The yellow hue is created due to the trace amounts of iron present in the stone. It is known as Pukhraj in Vedic Astrology.

Jupiter is the planet associated with the yellow sapphire and the largest planet in our solar system and it happens to be the second brightest planet in our night sky, in fact, it has the composition of a star so had it been a bit different, it would not be a planet. This precious gem is associated with morality, the virtue of piousness and the virtue of honesty. It is also closely linked with prosperity; the economic kind, which spells success for those individuals engaged in business ventures of any sort. The stone is said to work in the favour of those inclined towards the elevated path that involves spirituality, be that of a mentor or motivator of spiritual growth or better living; yoga and meditation.


(A diamond ring by Graff; image courtesy of Christie’s.)

The Diamond known as Heera in Vedic Astrology is associated with Venus the second planet closest to the sun. Venus is also our closest neighbour in the solar system and is the brightest planet in the sky and is always close to the sun, it tends to rise and set as well which has earned it the nickname of the Morning/Evening Star.

The Diamond is symbolic of luxury, financial prosperity and well-being. It is believed that the individual donning this jewel on their person will tend to practice a disciplined life in terms of their approach to life, every aspect of it conducted in a planned and orderly fashion, thus dealing with every hurdle in a mature and organized manner. Not just obstacles, in fact, anything the individual encounters during the course of their life will be dealt with in a clever and confident manner that is a result of the maturity and discipline and this will lead to happiness. The gem is said to keep a tab on illnesses of the venereal kind and on diabetes as well.

Yet again, it is of importance to mention that all this should be taken into consideration with advice from a trusted Vedic Astrologer.

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