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Genuine natural cabochon red coral diamond ring set in solid 14k white gold pinterest

(Genuine natural cabochon red coral diamond ring; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Coral is the gemstone associated with Mars which is the fourth planet from the sun. Mars is known as the red planet and its name is a result of the red soil/ dust that covers it.

Coral grows below sea level in dark environments and it is the intensity of the red colour that determines its preciousness. Seemingly, a lot of its characteristics where Vedic astrology is concerned are derived from its colour.

It is believed that coral heals blood-related illnesses. Fevers are said to be cured through the use of coral; tropical fevers, chicken pox, jaundice, impotency, anaemia, weakness, sluggishness, body aches,  allergies, inflammation, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and certain other ailments. It is also believed that red coral instils courage in the wearer and ensures material success in a person’s life.


(An emerald and diamond ring; image courtesy of Christie’s.)

According to Vedic astrology, the emerald is the gemstone born of the mineral; green beryl and it is associated with the smallest planet in our solar system which also happens to be the closest to the sun; Mercury.

The emerald is believed to affect metal capabilities and has a significant influence on the intelligence of an individual. It is also said to improve a person’s memory, their communication skills, their sixth sense or what we may call intuition, the intellect each one is blessed with and the ability to learn new things and imbibe them. The emerald is also said to have a substantial effect on the digestive system, the liver, the tissues, on the lungs, the throat and on the entire nervous system.

For all these reasons the above-mentioned gemstones are affiliated with Vedic astrology and should be bought or made use of only as prescribed by a trusted expert and Vedic astrologer as per one’s beliefs and needs.

More on gemstones related to Vedic Astrology in the next post!