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(An example of Astrology and Horoscope based knowledge and the corresponding gemstones; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Gemstones are believed to have an effect or effects (plural) on your state of being. It is believed that the precious stones affect the energy that every individual radiates, every living being, so to speak. It is believed that every living being, human and otherwise gives forth some sort of energy field and this can be impacted by energy from the said stones. Mental, emotional and physical, which refers to our thought patterns, beliefs, etc.; which is why, in India, your elders tend to suggest booking an appointment with a Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer) who is trusted for the advice given.

This advice may, more often than not, result in the procurement of a gemstone/ gemstones (an individual can be prescribed more than one) to be kept close to/on your person at all times, for as long as is required/ prescribed by the aforementioned Jyotish. The gemstones are decided upon after careful consideration of your birth chart and your horoscope specifically. The belief that accompanies this advice is that correct usage of the specific corresponding gemstone results in the dissipation of the negative energy or whatever it is that ails the individual in need of a cure.

The specifications extend to which part of the body the gems should be worn on. Meaning they could be rings to be worn on the fingers (specific down to the particular finger as well), bracelets or armlets for the limbs, pendants to be worn around the neck, so on and so forth.

All of this depending entirely on what your horoscope, in particular, says about you and your needs.

More about the healing gemstones in the next post.