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No, this isn’t about silver bullets, nor is it about thirty pieces of silver.


(Image of earrings courtesy of Jewel Sutra by Narayan Jewellers)

This is about one of seven metals of antiquity. Antiquity; meaning, seven metals that go as far back as the pre-historic era, where usefulness to mankind is concerned. These are gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, mercury and tin.  Of these, silver is among the metals that are considered native (though it occurs as an alloy as well), which means they occur in their natural form as pure metals and in relatively large amounts as compared to others and deteriorating silver forms a blackish film called tarnish which is most common. Silver, in antiquity has been used for aesthetic purposes and for monetary purposes more than anything else.

With time, it has proved much more useful. Silver is used as jewellery, for monetary exchange, it is used as silverware, its compounds in traditional photographic processes, as a conductor in the electric industry, in X-Rays and in other forms of medicine. Silver may denote second-best in most cases when compared to gold but in some instances, it is second to none. For instance; medicine. It is used in the treatment of external wounds and dressings thereof, in dentistry and orthopaedics (silver and its alloys are sometimes used as a replacement for bone in cranial surgeries) and as an antimicrobic in various applications.


(Collage images courtesy of geology.com and Pinterest)

Silver, when worn, as adornments no less, has been said to help control energy levels to an extent because of its natural attributes (positively-charged silver ions help reflect electromagnetic radiation away from the body) that improve circulation and body temperature; which in turn improve the functioning of the immune system.

Indian customs where silver jewellery is concerned seem to have a science behind why certain pieces are used as adornments. Silver is considered as a metal that reacts well with the earth’s energies, which is why anklets and toe rings made of silver are worn. Indians believe that in order for you to stay healthy, your prana or life force (this runs right down to your toes) must be well balanced and this can be taken care of with toe rings made of silver which is considered a good conductor, it is believed to absorb energy from the earth and pass it to the body in turn.