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(Photograph courtesy of Narayan Jewellers)

The mention of gold as a precious metal goes back as far as the Neolithic era (10,200 BC). It was uncommon and hence highly valued (still is) and did not corrode like other metals which made it all the more ideal to stand in as currency, adornment as jewellery and décor; all of which are symbols of position (both, social/rank and financial/wealth) and might.

The purest form of naturally available gold can also contain some percentage of other metals but they can be separated using a process called fire assaying which, leaves solely pure gold in the end.

Due to its ductile nature gold can be moulded to fit various purposes; gold thread woven into textile, for purposes of dental work, and for ornamentation via an array of techniques, some of which are – engraving, embossing, inlaying, moulding, filigree; where the gold is pulled into wire and twisted into different designs, granulation which is surface decoration with small granules of gold fused together and chasing.gold

(Collage pictures courtesy of Pinterest & Ali Express)

Gold has been known to have healing properties to a certain extent. In the olden days specifically, the belief was that 24 carat gold (not alloyed with other metals) could control infections and help cure sores. Acupuncturists used to use needles made of gold and silver, the gold apparently provided warm vibrations that would alleviate pain. It was believed that gold expanded the tissues and relaxed the injury; helping the body to quicken the process of repair. There are claims of gold jewellery worn in contact with the skin that has improved and relieved certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to a significant extent. Gold bands worn around the head (by those who could afford such luxuries) were said to act as a conductor of energy where it would direct energy from a stronger pinnacle to one that was weak and not functioning as well.

With so many benefits, its intrinsic value notwithstanding; there have been many failed attempts at reproducing gold through alchemy over the years.

Gold remains pure, precious and authentic.