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You can be a black and white kind of person and still find a little relief when the rainbow makes an appearance after a grey, dark storm. Imagine a clear blue sky with a few wisps of white clouds floating across; now imagine a field of green grass below that expanse, some yellow wild sunflowers popping up here and there. You’re dressed in red, standing in the midst of it all, soaking up that gorgeous view, adding to it actually. Picture perfect; is what it is. That is what colour can do.

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The associations we’ve made with particular colours over time plays a rather significant role in what we choose to put on ourselves. Certain colours are ambassadors of particular perceptions, for example; “painting the town red” is an expression coined off the idea that red puts up a bold front, daring and filled with passion. Yellow is considered bright and full of warmth; akin to the golden rays of the sun. Green as the grass that grows; refreshing beginnings, sprouting something new like spring suggests. Blue; cool like a bubbling brook, calm like the reflection of a clear sky on the surface of a pond and sometimes quiet like the metaphorical blues.

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Monochrome can be classic but a little mixed up palette of colour never hurt anyone. Why should jewellery be any different?

Images courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.