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What the art of Meenakari allows, is for the creation of an image on a piece of jewellery; in other words, painting a picture that goes everywhere with you as an adornment. These images range from beautiful birds like the peacock in its entire glorious colour, to animals, flowers, deities (Goddesses and Gods) and all of this brought out by the vibrancy of the enamels.

Whether it is a piece with one colour reigning or multiple colours in beautiful harmony, Meenakari enamel work is a sight for sore eyes. Add some precious gemstones to that and it becomes an ornament you won’t ever want to take off.

Imagine! This technique began as a backing for stone studded jewellery, also known as Kundan; which is why it was overlooked for the longest time. It’s a good thing someone saw the beauty in flipping it over.

We wouldn’t want to miss out on this gorgeous design.

That’s the technique of the month for you; Meenakari.


Image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.