Kaan Pe Kaan


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Narayan Jewellers, the Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group brought home the gold, so to speak, making their personal victory a shared joy. By throwing their already open doors further wide to not just their clientele but whomsoever chose to participate, they turned their win into hometown glory.

Kaan is the style of earring named after the fact that its shape is styled after that of the human ear. Some earrings may fall into the category of one size fits all. However, Kaan pe Kaan was held specifically with regard to the Kaan earrings from the Bridal Design set. The beautiful peacocks from which punkahs dangled were made for petite little ears. Safe to say; that fact alone made them perfect contest material.

The ladies trouped into the NJ store over a period of three days to try their luck and see if the earring fit. There was much enthusiasm shown by way of the attire the ladies showed up in and the beaming hopeful smiles they wore when trying on the jewellery. Then of course, in true Cinderella-glass-slipper style, there was the odd enthusiastic mother who made that adorably eager extra effort to get her daughter’s ear to fit the earring. It wouldn’t be reminiscent of Cinderella if at least one such incident didn’t occur.

(The prize winners of the Kaan Pe Kaan contest organised by NJ; images courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

In the end, three winners were picked, three lucky ladies. Third prize, runner-up and the winner. All in all, the contest was a success and three happy young ladies went home with their prizes.

We’d call that joy multiplied, wouldn’t you?


If the earring fits!


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Remember Cinderella?


(Cinderella concept art and story sketches by Mary Blair and Disney Studio Artists; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

That’s a classic fairytale which has been around for ages! If it hasn’t been narrated to you at bedtime or if you, somehow managed to miss all those movies based on the famed story up to this very point in your life; worry not, the clock has not struck 12 yet! We’re more than happy to summarise it for you.

Cinderella and the Glass Shoe is the story of a kind girl who lost her parents, was left in the care of her stepmother and step-siblings, all of whom did not take a liking to her and as a result, left all of the hard work to her. When a Royal ball was announced, she managed to attend it but left her glass shoe behind in an attempt to meet her midnight curfew. The aforementioned shoe is what PrinceCharming used to find this mysterious maiden by whom he was so mesmerised. After too many trials to count, the shoe fit the right foot; Cinderella’s, and they lived happily ever after, the end.

This little tale has inspired many an imaginative mind over the years and it certainly lit up a bulb in the brains of our young designers at NJ. How would they share the joy of the award with their patrons?


(The Kaan earring from the Bridal Design set; image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

By hosting a contest; starring the Kaan earring from the Bridal Design Set in the lead role. As the glass shoe was to Cinderella, so the earring would be to whomsoever it fit!

Kaan Pe Kaan is what they called it.

Let the search begin!

More on the contest in the next post, stay tuned gentlefolk!

Sharing the joy.


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(Ravi & Tosha Chokshi accepting the Best Bridal Design award at the Jewellers Choice Awards.)

They say happiness is multiplied and sorrows divided when shared with others; not so much when kept to oneself. Achievements are that much sweeter when shared on home ground.

The award received by Narayan Jewellers, the Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group proved to be one such reward for hard work and patient innovative design that was won by the team at the Jewellers Choice Awards held in Jaipur on Dec 23’rd 2017, organised by the leading Jewellery magazine; Indian Jeweller (IJ) in collaboration with Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS).


(Best Bridal Design award sitting pretty at the NJ store.)

The NJ team brought this award home and in celebration, announced a contest, held open to patrons and potential clients alike. Like most NJ events, this contest was intriguing and drew in the Vadodara crowd.

The inspiration came from the tale of the Glass Slipper starring Cinderella. In this case, the earring from the award-winning Bridal Design Set played the protagonist.


(Kaan Pe Kaan; competition announced by NJ in Vadodara.)

Kaan Pe Kaan is what the contest was named.

More on the contest in the next post stay tuned!

As Proud as a Peacock!


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(The proud peacock; image courtesy of Getty Images.)

We’ve got the peacock on a pedestal, what with its place of pride as the National Bird in India. The fact that this beautiful bird with that natural crown atop its head, its stunning colours and majestic tail feathers that fan out perfectly is immensely appealing, aesthetically; makes for the prettiest picture. This bird, in particular, has played muse to innumerable creative minds the world over, in particular, to our very own designers at Narayan Jewellers, the Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group. The peacock is the mascot at NJ so it is only natural that it features as a part of multiple designs with regard to different pieces of jewellery.


(The April 1918 cover of Vogue starring the white peacock; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

In this particular award-winning design, the proud peacock perched atop a punkah each worked seamlessly into the design of the earrings. This style of earring goes by the name Kaan, which literally translates to “ear”. The design is shaped exactly like a human ear and is quite a popular choice when it comes to bridal jewellery; it covers the entire ear thus embellishing it beautifully.

The designers at NJ went with the magnificence that defines the aura of the arresting bird and selected the most precious of gems to incorporate into the design. Brilliant vilandi diamonds, vivid rubies, striking emeralds and lustrous accents of pearls! Simplicity at its most authentic and elegant best shown in the uncomplicated shapes and the line of precious hearts encompassing the diamonds that line the outer ear.

_DSC8614 copy

(The NJ mascot taking the shape of a Kaan earring; image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

The punkah that dangles from this Kaan style earring; the fan upon which the peacock is meant to perch is a detachable piece of jewellery. The punkah, much like the pendants upon the necklace, is studded with the very same rubies, vilandi diamonds, the emeralds and those lovely strings of pearls.

Nothing short of admirable precision shines through this well-thought-out design that is clearly laden with inspiration from history, culture and an inheritance of impeccable taste.

She is Woman.


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cover page for Fb-01

(Image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)


An individual, is what she is, before anything else.

A human being.

A person; with opinions based on experiences that form as a life is lived.

Beautiful eyes lined with kohl; that have observed and recorded and stored away lessons to learn from.

Warrior paint upon those still lips that claim her own space through words or by deeds.

A mind that functions in overdrive just to make sure every possible loose end is tied up.

A throat adorned by metals deemed practically divine in patterns as intricate as the workings of her mind that conjures up the voice held safe within that space whenever she so feels the urge.

Shoulders that are seemingly petite but in actuality bear the weight of a thousand different worlds inhabited by the many personas or roles that she takes on in her lifetime; Atlas would know.

She leans forward, interested in what you have to say, open to a difference in opinion, holding back her judgement that could be as heavy or as light as the gorgeous ring on her finger; things aren’t always as they seem.

She houses many different women within her because she isn’t just one thing.

She is half the population.

She is Woman.

Inspiration: The peacock and the punkah.


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Grace Coddington

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

The thing about inspiration, as the gifted Grace Coddington has put so well, is that it is all around us and all we really need to do is keep our eyes and our minds open. We can take it all in, any of it, all of it, based on whatever we experience and learn along the way; we can tuck it away for moments of quiet reflection over cups of soothing beverages once we’re in the spaces we choose to create. We are then at liberty to sift through the recollections of the things that caught our eye and sparked an interest. That is how inspiration tends to work.

Hand Pulled Punkah, Pinterest

(Image of a hand pulled punkah; courtesy of Pinterest.)

History is one such magnificent source that we can draw from. Simply by way of belonging to a race or a country or a community, we inherit knowledge about the place and culture we are born into or surrounded by and that, in itself provides us with a potpourri of muses.


( Family portrait of an English colonial official with his Indian servants – Northeast India c.1880; image courtesy of Pinterest.)

The punkah (fan) is a significant part of Indian history and culture and has evolved over the years, it hasn’t gone out of style and it certainly retains its utility value, courtesy of India’s largely hot climate. The ever so graceful peacock is the national bird of India; with all of its beauty and vivid colour, it comes as no surprise that this stunning bird takes turns in standing in as a muse and an emblem to the creative mind.

25398983_539563919740372_6019315447154690405_n copy

(The inspired piece; courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

The designers at Narayan Jewellers, the Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group, brought together these two sources and conceived of an idea that took shape of an award-winning set of stunning bridal jewellery; both, luxurious and coveted.

More on the piece in the next post!

The peacock strut; downright irresistable!


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25398983_539563919740372_6019315447154690405_n copy

(The model is wearing the award-winning Mor Pankh necklace, a creation of Narayan Jewellers, a Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group; image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

The Mor Pankh necklace won the award in the ‘Best Bridal Design‘ category.

The prominent jewellery magazine, Indian Jeweller (IJ) in collaboration with Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) put together the award ceremony called the Jewellers Choice Awards which was held in Jaipur, Rajasthan on the 23rd of December 2017.

‘Mor Pankh’ is a necklace designed by Ravi and Tosha Chokshi and crafted at the hands of their expert karigars. The award-winning necklace is made up of 300 carats worth of emeralds, 100 carats of vilandi, rubies, gold, & Keshi pearls studded in 22ct of gold. It took about a solid 6 months beginning with the conception of the design to all that hard labour finally coming to actual fruition.

More about the entire set that the Mor Pankh is a part of and the concept behind this gorgeous design in the next post. Stay tuned gentlefolk.

The winners take it all!


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image1 (1)

(Ravi and Tosha Chokshi receiving the prestigious award for Best Bridal Design at the Jewellery Choice Awards in Jaipur.)

Awards suggest merit, excellence, calibre and worth. Winning an award suggests that hard work; patience and leaps of faith have paid off. You take a risk when you enter a contest; you take the product of your toil and tears and you offer it up for judgement and critique. It always pays off; either in the form of a pat on the back, “Congratulations you’ve won!) or in the form of being just a participant and not the winner. Either way, lessons are learned; of participation, team effort, taking chances, trusting your gut, believing in your capabilities, doing better and moving forward.

Narayan Jewellers, the Ramakant Ambalal Chokshi Group at Avanti Chambers, Vadodara Gujarat participated in a contest held by the leading Jewellery magazine Indian Jeweller (IJ) in collaboration with Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS). Two designs were submitted and listed among the final nominations in the category of Best Necklace Design and Best Bridal Design above Rs 15, 00,000.

December 2017 rolled in and Ravi and Tosha Chokshi (designers of the submissions) stepped into the spotlight to receive the award for the ‘Best Bridal Design’ category at the Jewellers Choice Awards held in Jaipur.

There were many distinguished jewellery houses from all across India who were participants in this competition. Winning and all that the experience entailed was infinitely rewarding (pun totally intended!).

Que sera, sera


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Woman's day set 2-02

(Image courtesy of Narayan Jewellers.)

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here’s what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera.
What will be, will be.

  • Doris Day